Market Square started in 2022.

It's a membership organisation for small UK independent retailers and producers selling 'direct to consumer', who wish to grow their business by collaborating with other like-minded businesses.

Market Square facilitates this through:

* members helping members 
* members pooling their collective interests to leverage opportunities they couldn't otherwise access on their own

It's ethos is 

* The whole is greater than the sum of the parts; and
* There are abundant opportunities for everyone to profit from

Founded by Mark Bradley, a former marketing agency owner, digital marketing consultant and partner of an ecommerce stallholder solopreneur.

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Why I started Market Square

"I saw so much wasted potential"

When I set up Brilliant Little Brands* during the Covid pandemic I got to know an eco-system of hundreds of traders with some lovely brands and fascinating businesses. Post lockdown, BLB has run its course. But I saw a window into so much wasted potential.

Throughout my career - first as a marketing agency founder, then as a digital marketing consultant - I have been fascinated by partnership marketing. When you put organisations together with aligned aims and shared mindsets you can leverage so much more.

We're living in times of great change and it makes sense for solopreneurs to navigate the journey together.  Why work on your own in a silo when you can tap into so much expertise? Be ambitious and break the glass ceiling! I'm totally up for helping business-owners wanting to smash through it.

Mark Bradley, Founder


*Brilliant Little Brands was a marketplace website set up in the first lockdown to support brands usually selling at events. 10% of sales went to charity.