Why an academy for stallholders?

Updated: Mar 14

Does the world need yet another business forum?

Well, yes, I think so.

Many business support groups seem to me to be quite generalist. They speak to someone else. Rarely to me. It may be an age thing. Or a mindset thing. Or just sheer overwhelm.

I'm talking about forums that are aimed at “SMEs”. As if this is some specialist niche. But 90% of firms are SME!

Don't get me wrong. Many forums are excellent and do resonate. These are great for a motivating pick me up but often lack practical realistic initiatives.

When I set up Brilliant Little Brands during the Covid lockdown I got to know an eco-system of hundreds of traders with some lovely brands and fascinating businesses. Typically they - you! - work incredibly hard and have loyal customers following them. But so often small brands and traders operate in silos and their sales hit a glass ceiling once the common sense initiatives have been exhausted.

Market Square Academy is all about helping you, as a stallholder or boutique retailer/producer, take your business to the next level and grow and scale. Typically it’s for self-taught 'solopreneurs' who may lack formal business training and specialist contacts.

You may be a producer or a reseller selling well at events such as Spirit of Christmas and doing a reasonable trade online in marketplaces and with your own Shopify or WooCommerce site. You're probably working hard with social media, running some Google or Facebook ads and building your email list.

But where do you go from there?

And what's your exit plan? What do you need to do now to make your business saleable in the future?

The Market Square Academy is our collective journey to discover answers. As a marketing professional I can advise on digital marketing strategy, sales funnels and Facebook ads but I can't give you financial or specialist PR advice. But I know people that can. My mission is to bring trusted specialists together to help businesses break the glass ceiling and move to where they want to be.

So if any of this resonates, then this forum is for you!

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